The Rio Maior Sports Centre is well-known for its high quality being the  Portuguese High Performance Swimming Centre in a partnership with the Portuguese Swimming Federation having the recognition of the Portuguese Government.

With two indoor swimming pools, with 25 and 50 meters, a indoor learning pool and a outdoor diving  tank our Centre full fills all requirements for any aquatic activity. Two gyms are part of these facilities, one of them equiped with VASA swimming ergometers.

The Rio Maior Sports Centre offers athletes services in Sports Medicine, Massage and Phisiotherapy with the latest therapy and recovery equipment (laser, ultrasounds, magnetotherapy, shock wave therapy and short wave therapy).

The Sports Centre also has two recovery areas for athletes, equipped with Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam Bath and Crioterapy.

The performance testing and monitoring lab is a structure that is equipped at the highest level in order to perform tests of strength, static and dynamic, cardio respiratory testing like VO2 max with the possibility of performing several protocols on treadmill or static bicycle, blood lactate testing, anthropometric testing by bio impedance or skinfold methods, and swimming video biomechanical analyses. All these equipment is set up in a location with all conditions and highly prepared for the mentioned tests and procedures.

In the Olympic 50m pool are placed other equipment and testing possibilities related with swimming video recording , which include with a double frame shoot possibility. Other cameras can be used on the pier to shoot swimming on different angles like front, side or superior. Sub -aquatic camera can be placed on top of the pool to be used on turns video recording and front swimming angle. There are also two kinds of power platforms, one placed under the starting block platform for start analysis on three axes, reaction time recording, and another power platform placed on the top wall of the pool for back starts and different turns power data recording.

The 50m swimming pool is also equipped with an electronic timing system that allows the simulation of time recording and relay transitions. All Together, these devices installed in the lab and in the Olympic 50m pool allow the complete assessment of different sports in order to maximize your performance.

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