The Rio Maior Sports Centre is well-known as a strategic centre, including multifunctional facilities and many services for different Olympic sports. The centre is unique in it partnership with the National Olympic Committee of Portugal for the preparation of Portuguese Olympic athletes. The centre is also open for athletes coming from the Association of Olympic Committees with Portuguese language.

The Rio Maior Sports Centre and the Olympic Committee of Portugal recently signed an agreement ensuring the best training conditions for Portuguese athletes in the journey towards participation in the Tpkyo Olympic Games 2020. This agreement strengthens the relationship between Rio Maior and Olympic sports, closely linked in a unique and ambitious partnership in Portugal.

The facilities and services that we have are fundamental for athlete development, growth  and recovery. A heated Olympic swimming pool, medical office, performance testing and monitoring lab, physiotherapy and recovery (Jacuzzi , sauna , steam bath, cryotherapy, laser , ultrasounds, magneto therapy , shock wave therapy  and short wave therapy), sports masseurs, nutritionists, psychologists, gymnasiums, stadium for football and athletics, multisports halls, natural grass pitches and synthetic grass pitches for football, a beach  and volleyball pitch, and other facilities that make the Sports Centre ideal for Olympic athletes and teams.

In 2007 the city was awarded an International Olympic Committee trophy for Sports and Olympic Promotion. That same year the Sports Centre had been awarded with the IOC/IAKS AWARD. This award is the result of an international application, promoted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS). The award represents the international public recognition and value of the conceptual, architectonic and functional dimension, as well as the good management of the facilities.

2047-227 RIO MAIOR
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